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Please consider applying for a career at our family-owned and operated company and find out why average tenure is fifteen years plus.

Our standard benefits include a 401K retirement program, medical coverage along with paid vacation and holidays.

All inquiries will be held strictly confidential.
Please email resume to:

DCL boom truck
28th Eighth Street
Farmington, MN 55024
Sunny Bowman

Sunny’s calm leadership and intelligence is appreciated by the entire crew at DCL. Every employee agrees that she lets people do their job creatively. That’s because Sunny is creative. There is no other way to describe someone who loves all music, being outdoors with her family and possesses a robust interest in teaching yoga, playing hockey, hiking, skiing and water skiing.

Since joining the family business in 2013, Sunny has become the calm experimenter of customer service excellence. Her methodical approach to change is constantly focused on making DCL a place where contractors and consumers enjoy a welcoming experience. The associates of her team say she listens well, works hard, takes good risks, and is fun. The steady nature of her leadership is the driving force of success at DCL and its customers.

LOVES: Guacamole, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Volunteering for good causes around the twin cities, and her golden retriever, Cooper.

DOESN’T LIKE: Setting the table or folding clothes. So count on wrinkly napkins when you visit for dinner.

SURPRISE: Sunny earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in International Political Economics and French & Francophone studies at Colorado College.

Steady and smiling is the only way to describe Nate. He is a guy’s guy, the friend you want next to you in the foxhole. He’s trustworthy, calm under pressure, and a devoted family man who keeps busy, with his wife of 9 years Laura, helping his sons grow. In the face of adversity and tough times, Nate is the quick wit who suddenly makes everyone laugh and reminds us that “there are no wood emergencies. We’re ok.”

He’s been with DCL almost two decades and knows the in’s and out’s of the company as well as anyone. Nate makes sure orders go out right and on time while also retaining a role as a salesman to a few select accounts…because they don’t want anyone else to call on them! How does Nate wear the different hats? Calmly and efficiently. That’s why we consider him the overseer of getting things done right at DCL.

LOVES: The Minnesota Wild and his yellow lab, not coincidentally named Koivu after the Captain of the aforementioned hockey team.

DOESN’T LIKE: Unloading the dishwasher. (Sunny and Nate therefore make a perfect serving pair. Nate sets the table with Sunny’s wrinkly napkins and she clears.)

SURPRISE:There are no surprises with Nate. He is what he appears. Genuine and kind.

Terry is known simply as “Marsh” around the office and his hobbies, besides work, include a love for all sports, especially hockey and football. He golfs, skates and enjoys hanging with his two sons and wife. He’s an organizational maven and connector of people in the marketplace. He’s the guy who forgot during his two and a half decades in the industry as much as most learn, which is why he’s the sales team’s “go to guy” when they need a correct, fast answer.

His customers agree that he will work as long and hard as it takes to get things right. This is the main reason more and more builders are seeking him out at their sales rep. He helps them make money.

LOVES: Working.

DOESN’T LIKE: Mistakes.

SURPRISE: Terry gets so busy working that it’s easy to forget a great smile and sense of humor lurk behind his intensity.

He is always prepared to go the extra mile for his customers and has an incredible knack for making every showroom visitor feel welcome. He’s the other Terry you can count of for correct answers at DCL. Terry loves to hunt and fish. He’s been a devoted husband to his wife, Lynne for 25 years, and has successfully raised two great kids.

LOVES: Taco Johns and smiling. Or it seems he must love smiling…because he is always smiling. If you don’t believe it, stop in and say hello to him!

DOESN’T LIKE: Cleaning the house. That’s why he avoids making messes in the first place, a great trait for customers that want things done right the first time.

SURPRISE: Terry is DCL's first employee and willing to go the extra mile for his customers.

Andy is a relatively new salesman on the team at DCL, everyone else has been here for 25 years. We feel like we traded for a first round pick when he decided to join us because of his amazing track record. He has a fantastic sense of humor.

Andy’s passion is innovation. He’s always looking for ways to improve his performance and already has suggested ideas that will help DCL serve you better. He’s an outdoors guy in the summer, but prefers the warmth of a good fire and watching sports on TV in the winter.

LOVES: His wife and his pet beagle.


SURPRISE: Who doesn’t like candy!?
seth paddock

Seth loves camping, playing softball and basketball. He might not be as tall as Kevin Garnett, but he can shoot ball. Befrore coming to DCL, Seth built decks and worked in construction.

LOVES: Chocolate Covered Raisins and Smashburgers. Wait, what is a Smashburger?

DOESN’T LIKE: Folding Laundry, yup Seth fits in with everyone else at DCL. Nobody else here likes folding either.

SURPRISE: Seth is an athlete. He played both football and baseball in high school and will make a great addition to your team!


“Deano” brings a powerful energy to a yard team that loads and delivers your orders. During a career lasting nearly three decades, he’s managed to keep everyone in the yard smiling during up and down times. He’s the first to arrive and last to leave. He’ll sing (off tune) to keep everyone laughing. He defines “Servant Leadership” by making sure he does what it takes for everyone else to succeed. That’s how he makes DCL and, more importantly, our customer succeed.

LOVES: Cooking out with friends by his pool and rock n roll. Lynard Skynard lives!!

DOESN’T LIKE:Singing on tune.

SURPRISE: It’s no coincidence that, like Nate, there are no surprises with Deano. What you see is pure authenticity.
doug dingman

Doug joined DCL in the winter of 2018. You might know him, he graduated from Farmington High School in '77 and is a dedicated sportsman.

His passion is excellence and helping others succeed in life and learning. He even coaches anyone 12 to 70 in the art of shooting Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays, so he's an excellent addition to the DCL team.

LOVES: See's Butterscotch Squares and Culver's Patty Melts with no onions.

DOESN’T LIKE: Loading the dishwasher. He plays cribbage every night with his wife and guess what? The loser gets to stack the dishes!

SURPRISE: Doug has two goats! You would think one would be enough, but he has two along with four outside cats. Wow! Who would have guessed?
alex roers

Alex started with DCL in the spring of 2015 as a truck driver. We couldn't keep him back because he is passionate about details and going to the next level.

He enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing, but he also has a rare ability with computers and technology.

LOVES: Kit-Kat Bars and ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses" Those guys can really cut a great riff.

DOESN’T LIKE: Mowing the Lawn. Hmmm...maybe Doug will lend him his goats!

SURPRISE: Alex strives to grow. It's a win-win trait for both DCL and you.

Janice recently celebrated her 18th year at DCL. She is a homebody who, more than anything in the world, is centered on supporting her beautiful daughter, Abby. She also enjoys cooking and hosting parties for families and friends.

Her passion for communication has made her an invaluable asset to DCL. Janice is the unique combination of creative and analytical. She can balance books, process the paperwork, cross T’s and dot I’s with excellence. But she also has the creative flare to develop ads, plan customer events, and, as one of her co-workers puts it, “has these awesome moments of inspiration where she can barely wait to tell you her next great idea.”

LOVES: Tootsie rolls and country music.

DOESN’T LIKE: Cleaning the shower. Yep. You’re getting it right. We asked our team what they don’t like to do around the house and it’s cleaning!

SURPRISE: Janice loves playing basketball, volleyball, and croquet with family and friends. Who knew?

On a baseball team, the utility man is the one willing and capable of playing any position. Mike works the desk at DCL, but is not afraid to get into the field to help a homeowner when necessary. He specializes in windows and millwork, a department that requires true expertise and attention to detail. We’ve hired Mike three times, so we must really like him. (This time we think he’s going to stay for a while!)

LOVES: Golfing and starting new things.

DOESN’T LIKE (AS MUCH AS DCL): The two companies he worked for, including a very large national building supply retailer, when he left DCL.

SURPRISE: Mike is a solid golfer and tennis player.

One co-worker says that Scott “is a coach at heart and sees our business through those eyes.” It’s true that Scott is a superior inside salesperson. (He’s earned the Terry Marschall stamp of approval!) But he’s also a business strategist that is part of the DCL youth movement of constant improvement. He’s always looking for ways that we can do things better for our customers.

LOVES: Coaching hockey. (If you haven’t noticed, you'd better be a hockey fan to work at DCL…or learn to fake it.)

DOESN’T LIKE: Folding laundry.

SURPRISE: He once broke his nose with a softball. Ask him and he’ll tell you the story!
rick reichert

Since he took over, our fleet and building have never looked better. He loves working with the young guys and is a fantastic boom operator. He has initiative and makes our yard and our employees better at responding to our customer's needs.

LOVES: Frozen Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, midnight Taco Bell runs and lying in the hammock during summer.

DOESN’T LIKE: Cleaning the lift station around his sump pump in the basement.

SURPRISE: He is currently restoring his 1925 Farmington home.

Steve leads with quiet confidence and kindness. His passion is hockey and teaching others to be successful.

He started at DCL with a single truck and a load of lumber. He is a quintessential American story and a man with a dream to help others. While many companies failed during the downturn of the 2000s, he steadily led the company forward without ever having to lay off a single employee. It’s no wonder the entire team views him as the godfather of DCL and the reason a family culture of caring is so pervasive at the company.

LOVES: Hockey from junior level to the pros, duck hunting, and Snickers.

DOESN’T LIKE: Changing the water softener salt.

SURPRISE: You’ve heard that “you’re not you when you’re hungry.” Well, Steve is always kind and loving even when hungry. Ok, this isn’t a surprise to us…but it might be to Snickers.